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We offer merchant cash advances as large as $ 500,000 dollars, but it’s also possible to borrow amounts as low as $ 5,000 dollars.
People in all states can get fast and easy loans from us, and we offer affordable interest rates. Small and medium sized businesses can borrow from us. While we offer fast and easy loan approval, we have the following requirements to apply for our merchant cash advances:
Your business is required to have been in operation for at least four months.
It must bring at least $ 10,000 dollars per month in revenue.
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How Many Of Our Applications Are Approved?

About 98% of all applications are approved. This is a much higher approval rate than most banks.

How Long Does It Take To Be Approved?

Your approval notice might be given as soon as four hours after you apply. Our merchant cash advances are always deposited within seven days. In many cases, they are deposited within 24-72 hours.

How Do We Determine How Much You Qualify For?

We'll examine the sales that you made over the last 120 days. You'll be able to receive anywhere between 100-300% of your average monthly sales.

About Our Company:

Our headquarters is located in Miami, Florida.

Advantages Of Our Merchant Cash Advances:

What Are The Advantages Of Our Merchant Cash Advances When Compared To A Conventional Bank Loan?

Our merchant cash advances have short payment periods. This ensures that you don't find yourself stuck paying off the loan throughout your career. If you need a loan fast and easy, banks usually aren't the best option.

Banks Pay Close Attention To Your Credit Score:

Your credit score is often the main factor that banks consider when you apply for a loan. Banks have policies where they will never give a loan to someone with a credit score below a certain level. Also, the amount of interest you pay is partially determined by your credit score.

Banks Make You List Collateral:

Most bank loans require that you list a certain item as collateral. If you default on the loan, you'll lose the item. The collateral is generally a high value item, such as your home or vehicle.

Banks Often Don't Let New Businesses Get Loans:

Banks often require that you have been in business for a much longer period of time than we do. Some banks require that your business has been operating for a period of many months or years.

Banks Ask Detailed Questions About Your Financial History That We Don't:

Banks will ask you about your past and current debts. You'll have to show evidence of the debt, and they use this information to determine whether or not you are eligible for a loan. You'll even have to disclose information about your net worth and provide information about just about every major asset that you own.

Banks Tend To Ask More Questions Than Us:

Many banks ask you what you plan to do with the money. We will not even ask this question, and this gives you the ability to be spontaneous with the ways that you improve your business.

Bank Loans Often Are Smaller Than The Amount You Request:

Many banks only provide 70-80% of the capital that you ask for. We provide you with as much capital as you request if you qualify.

How Can Our Merchant Cash Advances Can Benefit You?

These are some of the most popular ways that business owners use our merchant cash advances to increase their sales:

What Happens If Business Is Slow And You're Unable To Make Your Usual Payment?

If you're not able to make your usual payment, you don't simply default on the merchant cash advance like you would with a regular loan. This is because a merchant cash advance is an agreement to pay a portion of your future earnings. If you earn less, you'll pay less.

Are We Able To Offer Services To Business Owners That Aren't Fluent In English?

We offer customer service to people who speak foreign languages. In fact, it's possible to view our website in Spanish. We have worked with many clients who have recently immigrated to the United States.

Is It Possible To Pay Off Our Merchant Cash Advance Early?

There is no penalty for paying off your merchant cash advance early. It’s possible to pay it off at any time.

How Often Are Funds Deducted From Your Account?

We deduct the funds from your account each day. The deductions come out of your business bank account rather than your personal bank account.

Do We Offer Services Other Than Merchant Cash Advances?

We offer several other online loans fast and easy:

  • Residential loans: These loans can be used to purchase a residential property.
  • Equipment financing: While you can use our merchant cash advances to purchase equipment, we offer loans that are specially designed to finance equipment.
  • Commercial real estate loans: These loans are designed to cover the cost of commercial real estate purchases.
  • Unsecured business loans: Unsecured business loans are conventional business loans that have an interest rate that is higher than a secured loan but lower than a credit card. We are able to approve unsecured business loans quickly.

What Have Customers Said About Us And Our Business Partner?

Clients have rated our company well. We are partnered with Go Kapital, and this company has reviews of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google. Here are some examples of things customers have had to say about the company:

  • People have said that the representatives from the company are extremely knowledgeable and professional.
  • Representatives will explain every detail of the loan to you. They will answer any questions that you have about the process of getting the loan as well. In addition to offering customer service by phone, it’s possible to contact the company through social media.

How Do We Compare To Other Companies That Offer A Merchant Cash Advance?

We are one of the top ten merchant cash advance companies in the country. We have worked with more business owners than most other online lending companies.

Can We Help You With Invoice Factoring?

We offer invoice factoring services, and we are highly experienced with it.

How To Get Easy And Fast Loans Today:

It’s possible to apply for fast and easy loans online at the following link, and the application is free. If you have any questions about our loans or the application process, you can give us a call at 1-866-342-6551.

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